I am not above it.

I don’t have a car so I rented a car today to get some things done. A hot day it was!!! Too hot to be out in the hot sun without water…..like a couple of homeless guys I came across. I have never been homeless, but I have had to start over before…REALLY over. The first man had a dog with him. All I could offer was the water bottle I had brought for myself, but, I knew I could replace it easily. The woman in the car ahead of me, got out of her car to go into her trunk and get some kibbles, I presume she just purchased. The man was very appreciative. shortly thereafter, I was at Trader Joe’s, where I did replaced my water bottle and got 23 more to keep it company. Outside the store was another homeless man. I broke off a couple of bottles for him. He thanked me and said “All day, people don’t look at me or talk to me.” How sad…How very sad. I am not above anyone, nor am I below anyone…no one is. namaste’


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