moment of truth.

yeah <3. go michelle.
wheelchairWe headed south to cruise around Balboa Park, meet up with my brother and his family for dinner, and stop by our favorite coffee and gelato spot, Chocolat. By the time we needed to head back to the car where we had parked it earlier Breea’s left leg was feeling too weak and sore to make the trek and we didn’t have her wheelchair with us. I went to get the car, turned the key and my lights went on automatically. They shined like a spotlight on a site I wasn’t expecting to see. An empty wheelchair sitting next to a man, an amputee, who was struggling to curl up in a ball on the cement for the night. My heart pounded and ached. The street was empty of people, except him and me. I remembered that I always have a thick blanket in the back of my car. Within moments I was unfolding the blanket and covering the man with it. His eyes never opened but he whispered “thank you” as I covered his arms. By the time I got back to Breea she wondered what took me so long. I drove her to where the man was and asked if she recognized the blanket. “He is what took me so long.” I explained as we watched him shift and snuggle the blanket close to his face. The lesson I wanted to share with Breea is that being resilient means knowing the importance of not passing up an opportunity to show kindness even when no one is watching. It is in those moments that we know who we truly are.


3 thoughts on “moment of truth.

  1. I always have Lap Blanket samples in my trunk just in case I see someone in need like this fellow you happened across. Good for you for seizing the moment…and sharing. Nice piece.

  2. Thanks Ana…ans buggybag….It was my friend Michelle who helped this man out. She is an amazing woman. The reference she gives to Breea is her daughter….she has MS. I was fortunate to be able to help her once. One day, soon, I hope to be able to help more people out there. That will be success to me. :o)

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