to be loved.

….today I was reminded of how we will be remembered and the messages we want to send to others.
Debbie Ford died today. How is it that I never had heard of her? She was a master of wisdoms and love and helping others transform their lives, like she had done many years ago. She was loved.
Another soul, that I am familiar with, has brain cancer and will begin treatments soon. I hope, by some grace, his life is greatly extended for his family, and his community. He is loved.
I can only hope that I can or have touched a small fraction of souls, in some small, beautiful, meaningful way. With every post or piece of art, gifted to a person of value……every word, every brushstroke is executed with love…so you remember, someone thought of you…..someone loved you.
….before it’s my time….before it’s your time… it…
You are loved.


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