walk a mile…..

for all the nameless, faceless homeless who struggle on a daily basis for survival….
…..walk a mile.

for the generations older than yourself who have, ad continue to endure….LIVE life through all the changes, aches and beauty….
….walk a mile.

for the brave soldiers who fight for us every day while we live our lives safely at home….
…walk a mile.

for all of the victims of diseases like cancer or MS snd other physical challenges, who have accepted their plight and continue to fight for their health and appreciate all that is simply….simple….
….do not pity….understand….walk a mile.

These stories belong to others? One day…maybe me, maybe you.
Or maybe one day you will get the call…. the call for love, support, total devotion….are you prepared?
Today….LIVE….but, don’t look away…..walk a mile.


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