the short list

We all hold a particular group of individuals very dear in our hearts.  They may not even know one another.  These especially dear and true loved ones, not inclusive of the obligatory ones, reside deeply inside for a host of reasons.  Maybe some are family, some true friends,  maybe even a practically random stranger  who only appears upon occasion, but has such a special quality that has truly touched you.  You know the ones…in layman’s terms….The Short List!

As I review my short list, I think of the people that have proved, not just in words, that I matter to them, I am valued, loved, unforgettable….as are they, to me. Some are obvious, and some….might be a surprise.  These are people that I would do just about anything for….help them with a project,  assist in a solution to a problem……and most importantly… them HEAL….whatever it takes.

“…and when it’s time to face the storm,  I’ll be right by your side.”  -unknown.


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