young Brian

There are lessons everywhere.  When I was living on Maui…..circa. 1994, I worked on Front Street in Lahaina in a shop called ‘Endangered Species’.  The business went through many employees.  One of my favorite people was Brian from Northern California.  We would only work together for a few months, as young Brian was a traveller and he would continue his adventures after just a short time in Hawai’i.  He left the islands and continued to South America and Alaska and back to California….and so on.  When you consider we’d only been friends for a few short months, the way he reached out was very touching to me.  Periodically, I’d receive a communique’ from him…of sorts.  He didn’t have stationary, or a postcard, envelopes, anything like that…..he did have an imagination.  He tore off a piece of an ordinary cardboard box and write on it put a stamp on it (sometimes) and send it.  A few of them made it to me.  He just wanted to reach out.   The lessons…….friendship, value, and humor…..I remember you, sweet Brian.


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