Not everyone will understand you if you tell them you need to compartmentalize your life to keep sane and organized.  When I go to work, my focus is my job….make sense?  Well, I could try to explain it to my younger counterparts until I’m blue in the face, but they do not understand the concept.  My personal life is just that.  I depend on the people in my personal life to provide the warmth anf trust that we should have in that area.  I keep the two quite separate.  I have for a while.  You live and you learn…hopefully.  A certain amount of time is for the focus in a particular area for the duration that I have allotted for a purpose….usually.  There are occasional disruptions, but it usually works out as planned.  It’s like this…..when engaged in a conversation with another person, don’t you love the feeling that their attention is entirely on YOU and all you say? ahaaaaaaa.


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