live the dream….

The shift from my old book project to a series of children’s mentoring books…..writing and illustrating….back to watercolor. 

Lessons in life.

We need to find strength in times of solitude.  No matter how you are treated, love yourself. I am a reach out kind of person so I tell myself that. Not everyone is going to ‘get’ you. Not everyone needs to. Listen to your gut…..and don’t be afraid to move on. It’s your life.

“The soul feels what the mind ignores.” -Buddhist quote

Seven years

  • Seven years ago Matthew and I met…on We didn’t go on dates, like what is implied. We forged a friendship. I would find him to be so very smart and supportive and open and oh so interesting. He always encourages me with art and I will never ever forget when I made the final trip to see my dad….he was at the other end of the line, unconditionally. I hope I have added something valuable to his life along the way. Texts, calls, emails, FaceTime……life never had him in front of me……until today. We finally met…face to face for lunch in Marina del Rey. I am grateful, friend! 


“What is familiar is not always what’s best.” -A. Kuehn


“A visit to the past should only be used as a means to move forward.”   -A. Kuehn


“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” -unknown


The moment you tell your story, others begin to heal.