I dreamed a Dream….

I dream a dream……I dream of waking each morning to the sounds of birds and rustling leaves that grow on the lemon trees outside my open window. I dream of walks or bicycle rides down old dirt country roads with a dog or two.

The times I lived in the country have been my truest and my happiest. I can acclimate to any setting, but I am desiring the return to country life….a life where there are beautiful abundant gardens and vines hanging from a trellis. Rustic is beauty and I think some of the greatest beauty can be found in simplicity or imperfections. My ride…..is an old VW Beetle.

I have had reasons to believe this would be a year of great change. I keep getting the feeling like I should just sell all my stuff. I don’t get attached to stuff unless it is a necessity or something of great sentiment. I have been getting messages from the Source. Some are more clear than others……….

There are people in our lives that only have the capacity to only view others in a superficial way; they don’t recognize it when someone around them lives with intent, for good and humanity . We are fortunate to receive a call, a mission, a purpose to begin another chapter, and travel a different road. Some friends, who live in a different capacity, feel like they know you, but never really allowed themselves to take a good look inside, so they make up the rest, only to discover that you aren’t the person they thought because that person lived only in their imagination. Some have limitations on life or what life can be because they don’t go deeper in the process or even know it exists. They find it hard to accept, as well as, understand. If you travel this path, be prepared for this and embrace that you supposed to continue onto a whole new chapter, one of purpose, selflessness, and grace…..and the right people for you will come into your life at the right time. The right people …will stay.

Daily, I fill my life with gratitude, meditation, affirmations, and asking for strength, balance and guidance into the next phase of my life.

I have always lived in a place where I could get a job in hospitality, but I haven’t worked at a job in several months due to the development of bunions. My job required working on my feet. I am at the mercy of others right now, but not forever and I can prepare a lot while I wait.

Creativity will follow me, always. My passions and mission include animal rescue and discussing with others living the truth, living without fear, and living the very best possible version of yourself and making it a priority to be grounded in life without succumbing to what society or anyone else says we have to do or have to be a ‘success’.

Be ‘you’ ……it’s your life.


Fun pet paintings

My creations have gone in many directions. I let people pick the settings and sentimental items for their pet masterpiece.


I found this presented as is….. and felt it to be perfect, without knowledge of the presenter other than they are the words of the Source. What a loving way to eliminate confusion and encourage possibilities.


It seemed like a good day to talk about ghosting. Common phrase for when someone ceases to communicate or respond to another person who basically didn’t see it coming. It could be a friend or another, but please, have the courage to tell them why. Maybe it’s not even about them, but your life or something in your life has taken over with great intensity or even has you ashamed. You don’t need to explain your details. If it is about them and you had forged a really good friendship of some kind, man up or cowgirl up and own it and explain. Ghosting is cowardly!

Happy Halloween 🎃 

Lovely La Jolla

A beautiful day and much needed in La Jolla, California 🙂

I thought I was fine

When you seek knowledge and spend time exploring life, spirituality, culture, behaviors and so many other parts of life….the journey should never be over. There is a timelessness to this type of education. There are always areas to explore that you hadn’t thought of. There are people you will meet on the path but you need to pay attention and recognize it when they appear. There is also a teacher inside of you…after all, who knows you best? 
Several years ago, I thought to myself, ‘I feel in a good place right now. I have overcome a lot and endure many realities.’ I think it’s possible that I put myself on cruise control….figuring that, yes of course I will continue to learn and to hone, never thinking about changes, necessary changes….or undealt with past experiences or the processing of them in a complete way. 

I pride myself in being strong, intuitive, creative, sympathetic, honest…..and I am. But, there are other things that we need to include to be truly whole. 

In recent months, I fell into a slump….I had the blues. I felt overwhelmed. No blogging, not much art, I couldn’t understand it or figure out where it was coming from. I knew a change, many changes, needed to happen and I wanted them to happen, but, I had no clue what to do. I told myself a long time ago…..do not ask for help….I fix my own crap! 

I went to a convention and thought ‘I am in a different city around different people…my life will be whatever I say it is, at least to me….BAM, problem solved!’

Not so fast……

Strong, awesome me…..melted down, repeatedly. Then, the confession to someone I respected…..someone that I felt respect from. I liked that feeling and the thought that he would see me as anything but strong and capable just was not something I was prepared for, but I had some personal issues that was causing great stagnation. 

This all leads to what I am doing about it. For starters, I am back to intentionally seeking knowledge and working at not being so stoic. 

I am working on acceptance. The business I am working on…..you have to hear ‘no’ sometimes. That brings me to nutrition and proper supplementation. USANA Health Scences is the company I work with. I also am adapting to a particular diet and I began taking apple cider vinegar and amino acids. I am also working on a mindset of being more open of myself and the realization that sometimes we have to be uncomfortable before we can be comfortable. And finally, sometimes we need to ask for help. The book ‘The Mood Cure’ explains a lot. Also, I am reading ‘The War of Art’ which helps with the stagnation we face while pursuing our dreams.

I think it was always a part of some master plan that I need to endure this process. The friend I spoke of is also an extraordinary teacher and coach of life, health, wisdom and faith. 

And before all this….

I thought I was fine.

Love and Louise Hay

“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” – Louise Hay….Rest in Love